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How do we promote change and innovation in urban agriculture?

Meet our areas of activity

In order to achieve this result, we are working on a number of levels - educating the next generation of farmers, raising public awareness, developing productive communities, promoting supportive policies, making local products accessible, research and development. We cooperate with government ministries, local authorities, civil society organizations and private companies.


At the same time, we are promoting our goals in the international arena, together with the World Food Program, and maintaining ties with international organizations.


The Association for Urban Farming operates among other places within the "social periphery" on the assumption that the food crisis already affects populations, especially the weakest in cities. The State Comptroller's report "Government Action to Promote Food Security" in 2014 notes that one in three children grew up without fruit and vegetables.


Today in Israel, 92% of Israel's population lives in urban localities, which strengthens our need to provide tools for children and adults, raise food close to home, work, and school.


"It is forbidden for human rights to be used only by a person who is sworn in. Every person must be satisfied so that he can enjoy, in practice, and not only in theory, human rights." (Supreme Court Justice Yitzhak Zamir)