Our Vision

The Association for Urban Farming is an NGO founded in Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel that aims to promote urban agriculture around the world.


By developing an urban food infrastructure, we will enable the public to enjoy fresh, healthy food at an affordable price.


In order to achieve this result, we operate on several levels - education, raising public awareness, developing productive communities, promoting public policy, making local products accessible, and research and development. ​


The food crisis threatens many populations around the world, and has led the World Food Program (FAO) to utilize the use of efficient agricultural technologies. These technologies bring healthy food directly to the population as one of the main solutions to the crisis. According to the FAO, there has never been a greater disconnect between people and the food they consume. The growing distance between the farmer and the end consumer requires expensive resources whose value increases over the years. As a result, the quality of food decreases and the prices rise, which makes healthy food inaccessible to many populations.

The use of efficient resource technologies, in combination with bringing food to the residents, are the most impactful solutions to the global food crisis. Building an urban food infrastructure will change the way we create, supply and eat food while preserving environmental resources.


The Association for Urban Farming works to develop models for the implementation of urban agriculture which can be adopted by cities around the world.

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