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Doing urban agriculture for the community

The Society for Urban Agriculture accompanies organizations on a day of donation for the community.

The activity provides workers with training in advanced agriculture while experiencing the construction of an urban food garden infrastructure. Through which you can grow fruits and vegetables at home, in the office, on the balcony or on the roof. The donation allows the donated community to continue to grow for itself, throughout the year, quality produce and engage in sustainable urban agriculture.


So how do you build an infrastructure for urban agriculture?


In the second stage, the workers receive practical professional training in building the infrastructure of an urban food garden based on the most advanced technologies in the world.



In the first stage, the group of workers reaches the destination where it is planned to establish the municipal food garden.

First, a short lecture is given on the importance of agriculture in the solution city and how volunteering contributes to strengthening underprivileged populations in urban areas.