• Dipanshu Sharma

Reusing Our Plastic: DIY Vertical Hanging Gardens

By Dipanshu Sharma

Vertical hanging gardens are a great way of using hanging space and conserving water at the same time. They are great for both small spaces in apartments and large backyards. The vertical garden prevents water wastage by allowing the water to drip out of the holes at the bottom and fall through to the plant below.

What you need:

8 plastic bottles - you may choose to use as many or as few bottles. Also, try to use bottles of the same shape.

Roll of hobby wire (4m)

Seedings - make sure you purchase seedlings that would be suited to a small growth area.

Potting soil


Power drill

Wire cutter


Step 1: Prep your bottles

Remove all labels from the bottles but keep the lids on the bottles because they will prevent the soil from falling straight through the side.

Step 2: Drilling holes in the bottle

Note: While using the drill, make sure that you are using the appropriate safety equipment.

Make a hole in the centre of the bottles, this hole will later assist you to cut a rectangle in the middle of the bottles.

Using the drill, make a single hole on the left and on the right edge of the bottles. These holes will be used to thread the hobby wire through to the next bottle.

Step 3: Cutting an opening for the soil and seedlings

Using scissors, cut around the hole you made in the centre of the bottle to make a rectangle that is roughly 15cm by 7cm. The size of this rectangular opening may be different on your bottles depending on the size of bottles you are using.

Step 4: Threading the hobby wire

This step is subjective, it’s up to you how long you want your vertical garden to be. We used 8 bottles for an individual hanging garden.

Using a wire cutter, cut two pieces of the hobby wire, 2m each. Feed a bottle through holes made on the right and left edge of the bottle, making sure that they are approximately the same distance along both the wires. Once you have done that for a bottle, knot the hobby wire below the bottle to prevent it from sliding down the wire. Complete this process for as many bottles as you like.

Step 5: Hang the planter

Once you have tightly tied a knot at the end of each bottle, you are ready to hang the planter. Hang the planter in a place where it will get plenty of sunlight and water appropriately.

Step 6: Add soil and seedlings

Once you are happy with the location of your vertical planter, add soil to the bottles so that they are half full and plant a seedling in each bottle. Using a watering can, sprinkle water in the individual planters, you’ll notice that all excess water will drip down to the lower planters, preventing water wastage.

You’ll be surprised by how quickly your plants grow in the bottles, and how much space is saved by growing them in this creative manner. Try adding a personal twist to this DIY by decorating the bottles using waterproof paint or changing the style of hanging.

Happy gardening!

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