• Dipanshu Sharma

HaTzofim Scouts Transformation

By: Dipanshu Sharma

Before interning with The Association for Urban Farming I didn’t have a great understanding of agriculture, especially in an urban setting. Although I already have a small vegetable patch and some fruit trees in my home garden in Australia, I had never considered the impact urban farming could have on a community.

This week I visited the HaTzofim Scouts Center in Shapira along with my fellow Australian interns, Bethanie and Kirsty, to work alongside five students from New York University (NYU). Together, we built a hydroponic system for the local children The five NYU students had come with blueprints for three sustainable systems that could be built with minimal resources and support various types of plants. Once all the materials were unloaded from the car,we got straight to work! The whole team worked together to build three amazing systems that the scouts can use to produce sustainable produce.

These photos show the final setup in the scouts centre. In no time, these seedlings will turn into thriving plants!

I was most impressed by the transformation of the recycled old plastic bottles because I never thought something so simple had such potential. I read on the Ocean Conservancy’s website that every year approximately 8 million metric tons of plastic ends up in our oceans, and had always wondered how I could potentially utilise my plastic waste at home in a creative manner. By helping build a system made from plastic bottles and wire, it has inspired me to think more creatively about for my garden back home. Simply by cutting a few holes in some plastic bottles and then threading them through some string we can all put a sustainable but also a creative twist to our own gardens.

These are some photos from the day showing the process of turning recycled items into a sustainable environment

I am excited to watch this garden grow and flourish during my time as an intern with the Association for Urban Farming. I am eager to see how the HaTzofim Scouts Center continues to engage with this installment.

This is just one example of a project that The Association for Urban Farming is implementing in Tel Aviv to promote community engagement through urban farming and sustainability. Over the next month of our internship, Bethanie, Kirsty and I are keen to get involved in more communal projects and to learn about the impact urban farming can have in urban communities.

Bethanie, Kirsty and my myself posing in front of the finished system!

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