Teach Agriculture

We are looking for teachers that are interested in teaching entrepreneurship and innovation through urban agriculture. The job involves working with children from different backgrounds and cultures from all around Tel Aviv.


  • Background in agriculture - a must (an advantage for acquaintance with hydroponics)

  • Work experience with children aged 6-12 - compulsory

  • Significant experience in training in large frameworks - compulsory Teaching certificate - advantage

  • Building lesson plans

  • High mobility in the Tel Aviv area

  • Willingness to work during flexible hours during the day

  • Position: Half-time position


Think you don't fit the criteria but still want to be involved? The internship program is for you. Send your CV to info@urbanfarming.org.il

Volunteer Programme

The program is intended for people who wish to contribute to the community and at the same time to familiarize themselves with the field of urban agriculture around our various activity centers in Tel Aviv. The program is suitable for those who wish to arrive one-time and help in the construction or operation of a project. For example, the construction of a communal garden or the operation of agricultural systems in the school. All you have to do is leave details, and we will contact you to coordinate the beginning of volunteering.

Programme for Interns

Recognize the enormous potential in the field of urban agriculture and want to join the revolution, integrating your abilities and education? The internship program is a great opportunity for you! The program is designed for people who wish to take an active part in the organization, while both integrating and building on their previous skills. The program requires a minimum of 6 hours of work a week, in which you will learn the secrets of the profession and get to know the field in depth. The internship period includes training and a weekly meeting with the personal advisor on behalf of the member. In exchange for this, you will contribute from your personal experience, skills, and education to the empowerment of the field of urban agriculture in general, and the organization in particular. All you have to do is leave your details, and we will contact you to coordinate the beginning of the internship.

Why Should I Volunteer?

Contribute to both, the general population and your personal circle

As part of leading the change, you contribute towards the betterment of the community and the society around you.

Options to progress and join the association

The organization is growing. Join now and you can grow with us and even join the family regularly

Have acquired professional experience in the field of urban agriculture

Join us and as you contribute to the revolution you will learn the secrets of agriculture, which you can implement even in your garden!

Join a revolution that will affect the world

The new agricultural revolution is already beginning to show its budding, let's take a real part in making the change!

Open Courses:

  • Marketing

  • Pubic Relations

  • Tech

  • Education

The Internship is not paid and is given in exchange for the provision of courses in Urban Agriculture without cost on behalf of The Association for Urban Farming.

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