• Bri Nemet

Roses and Thorns

by: Alexandra

Hey y’all!! It is Alexandra again bringing you the ‘Rose and Thorn’ of the interns from the week of the Pesto Party. A little explanation for all the beautiful readers, ‘Rose and Thorn’

consists of the high and low moments of the working week from each of the interns.

So to start things off, Rachel’s ‘Thorn’ was trying to keep the kids interested harvesting the vast amount of basil during the Pesto Party last Thursday. Her ‘Rose’ was trying the homemade pesto and having the Pesto Pasta After Party (PPAP) with everyone that stayed after the event.

Emma’s ‘Thorn’ over the past week was harvesting the basil because there was so

much of it, and her ‘Rose’ was passing out the homemade pesto to the community with some kids from HaYarden School.

Bri’s ‘Thorn’ was how full she felt after eating so much pesto!! Her ‘Rose’ was the whole

Pesto Party and having so much fun with everyone at the event.

Vatsala’s ‘Thorn’ was working in the hot Israeli sun, and her ‘Rose’ was eating the pesto because it was so tasty.

I did not have a ‘Thorn’ last week because the week was full of fun and exciting activities. My ‘Rose’ was the whole week. We started the week preparing for the event, and then managed to pull off the coolest and most fun Pesto Party ever! Everyone had so much fun! The pesto was amazing, and there was so much laughter and smiles all around.

Me with all the pesto! So tasty.

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