• Dipanshu Sharma

Interns Reflection: Dipanshu

By Dipanshu Sharma

As my internship with the Association for Urban Farming comes to an end, I thought that I should take a moment to reflect on all the experiences I’ve had over the month.

As a geology student I had some understanding about how hydroponics systems work but had never considered the social impact these systems can have on urbanised areas. By utilising hydroponics and other much simpler systems, communities have access to fresh produce that is grown locally, rather than produce that is grown miles away and full of pesticides.

On my first day I went to Ha’Yarden School and I saw how eagerly the students were interacting with the systems. It made me recall when I was in primary school and how I would spend my time before school taking care of the vegetable patches that my class had grown. I loved this trip down memory lane!

Over the last month I have worked with the most amazing people who inspired me to learn more about the relationship communities have with fresh produce and how we can change the way people access it. Many people in Tel Aviv do not have access to fresh produce and the simple solutions that the association has developed has the potential to make great changes to people's diets. I feel fortunate that I could be a small part of that greater goal.

This internship has also provided me with a unique opportunity to explore an amazing country that has such a rich cultural history. As an anthropology student, I felt like I was immersed in a place where I could conduct endless ethnographic studies. From the atmosphere of busy market lanes to the quiet streets during Sabbath, I felt like I was always soaking in the local culture.

When I get back home, I hope that I can continue spreading the word about hydroponics. In my own life, I am hoping that I can potentially start my own hydroponics system for herbs and other small plants at home. I’ve always been passionate about gardening so I think this new addition will help me further my interest in plants!

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