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!Farewell Alex


As my summer in Israel comes to an end, I am taking the opportunity to reflect on the wonderful experience my family at the Association for Urban Farming has given me. I have been working for the Association for two months, and I cannot believe what I have accomplished and learned. I not only have done a lot but I have been able to do it all with such kind-hearted and amazing people.

While being here, I learned this saying “Think Global, Act Local,” and I did not understand the message of this until a couple weeks into the internship. I feel as though I was a part of this beautiful community in Tel Aviv, and I was able to learn how important it is to keep the circuit closed within the community. Working at the Association, I was able to contribute growing nutritious, healthy food and I witnessed the impact urban farming has to the community. I loved visiting Hayarden school and seeing how personalized and special the garden space is to the community it is built in. Most of Israel’s food is grown within the country, and not everyone has access to fresh fruits and vegetables. Urban Farming helps provide these nutrients and resources for different areas around Tel Aviv. The food not only tastes better, but it is so rewarding bringing the food we grow into the kitchen. We have made so much tasty food in the kitchen such as: ratatouille, homemade pasta sauce, pesto, vegan stew, and so much more.

Basil that will soon be yummy pesto!

When I worked with the kids at Hayarden and Balfour School, I was able to see a light shining within the kid’s eyes. They were so passionate and inspired to work with Omer and Shirah in the gardens. The kids showed me how important it is to involve and teach the younger generations about farming and knowing where their food comes from. This also made me realize that working in education is something I’m very interested in doing in the future.

Working at the organization this summer has taught me how important it is to have a community when working on a farm. That is something I never got with my previous experience in America. It instilled the beliefs I already had that everything in life is connected. This can be the connection you have with people because of mutual friends or meeting like minded individuals because of the passions you share.

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