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About the intern: Emma

Welcome to or welcome back the blog!

My name is Emma and I am an intern at the Association for Urban Farming. I have been in Tel Aviv, Israel for over a month now and am very much enjoying my time here. I am originally from Minnesota in the United States and lived there my whole life until moving away for school. For university I am studying Conservation and Environmental Science at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. I am here on Onward Israel with their “Sustainability and Green Energy” theme based program for two months in Tel Aviv. I have a passion for the environment and making an impact on a community. Here is a picture of me laying in a beautiful bed of basil, try to say that ten times fast.

One project that I have worked on during my internship is at two different schools the company has built urban farms at, Balfour School and Ha'Yarden School, both are located in Tel Aviv. Throughout the school year the kids have been learning about urban gardens

Some of the final projects from the students at Balfour

and grew plants from seeds. I helped them with their final project which was reusing plastic bottles to make a pot for their plants. I mainly helped the student with cutting the plastic bottles and painting them. The pots were cut to be shaped like animals and painted with any color the students chose.

This project was an idea by the teachers at the two schools. I really enjoyed working with the kids because I got to spend time with them and it was focused on urban farming and sustainability. I have always liked working with kids and I believe that teaching younger generations about sustainability will make a huge impact on the world. Having the kids see a seed grow into a living plant and then making and decorating a pot for it, is such a great way for kids to enjoy nature and art. I saw the kids have fun with reusing materials to make them into new creations. I also got to practice my Hebrew and the kids got to practice their English. ❧

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