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!The interns have arrived

Hello, and welcome to Farm the Future! We are 5 interns working at the Association for Urban Farming for the summer. We are part of Onward Israel, which is a program that allows students to come to Israel for a certain amount of time to explore the country as well as gain professional experience. We are living in apartments all over Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan, some until the end of July and some until the beginning of August. For the rest of our time here, we will post about our experiences here and document our journey as urban farmers in Tel Aviv!

:Meet the interns

!Emma with a hydroponic-grown beet

Emma, 20, is an environmental science major from Minnesota, USA. When she’s not at the office, you’ll find her tanning, swimming, and picking up litter at the beach.

!Rachel with a fresh pepper and some other veggies

Rachel, 22, is a recent graduate of Ohio University. She’s super excited to learn more about the ins and outs of the association, and is a pro at marketing on social media.

.Bri by some tasty hydroponic basil

Bri, 21, is studying environmental science in Pennsylvania, USA. She is interested in sustainability and wants to work towards a greener future by raising awareness to the public.

.Alexandra enjoying a sweet little hydroponically-grown strawberry

Alexandra, 20 going on 21 (July 5th, wish her happy birthday!), studies environmental science and biology back home in Tennessee, USA. She wants to start her own urban farming association one day, and she is learning more about the process every day!

!Vatsala is also a fan of the basil we grow

Vatsala, 20, is not with the Onward Israel program. Instead, she is spending her summer abroad at Tel Aviv University. She’s studying business back home in India and plans to change the world with her knowledge of urban farming.

In our next posts, we will be talking about our experiences so far and more about ourselves. We will teach you everything we are learning too, with recipes, tips, and videos, so you can bring urban farming home with you, just like us. Stay tuned for lots of exciting posts in the future about our impact on Tel Aviv!

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